agile CRM java interview experience,Hyderabad

I got a mail from HR,her name is Mousmi Roy asking my availability for in-person discussion for the position of software engineer.

I replyed by mentioning my available time.They scheduled interview on 27-Apr-2016 at 10:30 AM.

Un expectedly they conducted written test.They didn’t mentioned about written test in the mail.
Written test complexity is medium. They have given 40 minutes time and 6 questions to write code. 1 jquery question is optional.

Written test questions:

1. Find the sum of the digits of the number by using recursion.
2. Find the repeated characters in a string and count how many times it is repeating.
3. reverse a string without using String API.
4. Find the sum of first 100 fibonicy series.Series like 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,
5. Find the middle element of linked list with one pass.
6. How you write POST ajax call in JQuery.

After completing writtent test i waited 40 minutes to know the result. Later one guy came,his name is Govind taken 1st technical round.

Technical Interview:

1. Print the numbers from 1 to infinity, while printing if i press key board it should stop printing.
2. create a immutable class which has lot of instance variables.I don’t want more comparision to check the status of object.
3. Will respose go through the filter or not.?
I failed to answer above three question correctly.So i rejected in 1st round itself.
Later HR send a mail regarding my rejection.Really impressed the way they interviewed and given feedbacm but waited much time to get written test result.
Overall the interivew process okey but not great.