Focal CMX interview experience on August 12,2016

On 12 august 2016 @3.00 pm face to face interview has been scheduled for Focal CMX by Ranjith from Hyderabad.I went to Focal CMX on 2:30 and front office guy informed HR about my arrival to concern HR, She’s name is Anjali. She took my CV and after 5 minutes she come back with an communication test paper and then interview started as follows.
Focal CMX interview process:
1.Communication Test: This test contains 22 questions in that 10 are multiple choice,8 are fill the blanks,2 are arrange the jumbled sentences and remain 2 are questions and answers type ,those are “what are your interested area’s and why your changing the company?” and “Why should focal CMX hire you?”. All questions are related to tense only and i feel the test is easy.
2.Technical Round:
a. Tell me about your self.
b. Roles and responsibilities in current project.
c. what is the difference between struts and spring.
d. what is the difference between Jquery and AngularJs.
e. When you use HQL queries.
f. What is RestFul and write one sample service.
g. Flow of your application.
After that they said they will call me and i am waiting for that…………