Java Developer interview experience in ADP Indiaa

Interview scheduled by IKya global at ADP India in Kondapur on 18-June-2016.
1st round was written test.It has three java and hibernate programs.
1. How can you get n highest salaried emplyees from a list of employees.
Assuem there is a table in backend named EMP.Assume there is salary column in the employee object.
n is a dynamic value which is taken from front ent.Write detailed program.
2. I have an array of elments.Give me the occurences of each character as key value pair datastrucutere.

3. Write a java program to update employees designation with Senior.Assume that there is a EMP_PROFILE table and designation column in that table.
Use any ORM tool you are comfortable.

Second round was face to face discusion.

1. I have a variable which is using in multiple can you protect it from data consistency problem.
Ans: I said volatile key word has to use.
2. What are the states of objects in hibernate.
3. How you develop your own TreeSet.? Asked to write the code.
4. What are the implementaions of List,Set and Map.
5. How can we implement our own tag library.
6. How can two servlets can communicate.?
7. What are the implicit variables of JSP.?
8. What are the directives of JSP.?

9. If you want to perform any operation while deploying my web application.What i have to do.?
10. What are the mappings we have in hibernate.? Asked to explain what you used.?
11. What is generics in java.?Why we use it.?
12. Can you write thread safe single ton class.?
13. How can we save data in hibernate.? I said save and presist.
14. What is the difference between save and presist.?
15. How can we load data in hibernate.? I said load and get methods.
16. What is the difference between load and get in hibernate.?
17. What is lazy loading in hibernate.?
18. What is IOc.?
19. What is autowire in spring.?
20. What arescopes in spring.? Explain about each one.?

Waiting for call from HR for second round.

Got call from IKya consultancy for technical come manager round.
Before starting interview they asked fill one form with all details of you including CTC and ECTC.
Again asked in interview the same.
1. Can you give brief introduction of you, starting from your academics.
2. What is the reason for change.?
3. What are the scopes in spring.
4. What is the difference between singleton and application scope.
5. How you do initialization for spring bean object.?
6. How can you protect a button by using spring security.?It should be shown for one person and should not be shown for another person.?
7. When your PL/SQL procedure is returning ref cursor,how you write to code to take data from java.?Use any ORM you know.?
8. Take two fields data from front end and store that data into file .properties file as key value pairs. Data should not be overriden it should append to the end of file.?
9. Write a method which calls concurrently and store the datainto file. He expected some special mechanism to handle concurrent calls.