java developer interview experience in JP Morgan ,Hyderabad

Mr. Harshavardhan scheduled interview in jp morgan,hyderabad.
Around 100 people came for interview on that day.
If you are going for interview be prepared to spend enough time.
Written test itself takes 1-2 hours. After written two technical rounds and 1 hr round will be there.
You need not to write exact answer for written test java questions but your approach should be valid.
You have to write exact answer for SQL question otherwise they don't consider you for next round.
Following are the questions they asked in my case.
1st round is writen test given only one java question on java.
chache programme given.
There is GDP reports for each country like india,usa,singapoor in one file location with similar formate.
month GDP
jan 5
mar 6
june 10
dec 12
we need to implement an cache in order to get the data in the below questions.
1. get the GDP data of country wise in the following format.
country jan feb mar may june july aug sep oct nov dec
india 5 5 10 12
USA 12 7 8 8 9 10 6 9
singapoor 11 8 78 6 5 5 7 8 8

2. Get the month in which each country get the max GDP?
3. Get the highest GDP of each month and respective country?
4. Show the countries month wise in under static GDP LIST when the if the GDP value is same for 3 months.
and Show the countries month wise in increasing of static GDP List when the GDP value changes within 3 months.