Java Developer interview experience in menlo technologies , Hyderabad

Following are the interview questions asked by Mr Srikanth in menlo technologies in 3rd round. I am unable to recollect questions from 1st and 2nd rounds.
1.Tell me about your self?
2.What is your current project?
3.What is IOT and Thermostat,how they communicate?
4.Which version of java using,what is the difference between java 5 and java 7?
5.What is the use of Generics?
6.Consider there is a table called employee like following
id name sal
1 basha 10000
2 goush 299000
1 basha 10000
2 goush 456667

Result should be like below using HashMap<integer,List<Employee>>
{1 : [ {1,basha,100000},{1,basha,100000}],2 : [ {2,goush,100000},{2,g,1oush00000}]}

7.Which version of spring is using and difference between Spring 3 and 4?
8.What is @configurable?
9.what is the difference between @component and @repository?
10.Is @repository is spring annotation or hibernate annotation?
11.How the @autowire works and how it injects the object(Byname,type....)?
12.Consider there are three beans A ,B C. Inside Bean A have the B which autowired
and Inside bean B the bean C has autowired.So the question is how the spring follows the bean creation process
either it creates C,B,A(right to left) or A,B,C(left to right)?
13.How do you configured the Hibernate with Spring?
13.Do you have hands on experience in writing the queries?