Java F2F interview experience with Intellect arena(A Polaris Group Co.),Hyderabad 20 August 2016

Udita Haldar from Huntsmen & Barons consultancy has scheduled f2f interview with Intellect Design in Hyderabad on 20 Auguest 2016 at 12:00 PM. I have reached the venue at 11:45 PM and i have given my resume to HR person and they said to wait in conference all,after entering into the conference hall i shocked there around 100 people are there. Frankly speaking the interview process is very slow. After a long wait, my name have called by HR for first round at 6:00 PM and the interview as follows. Round 1(Technical Round): [AdToAppearInPost] [sg_popup id=1]
  1. Consider there is a table contains 5 lacs record and i want to retrieve the data from the table using select command. How can you improve the performance of the query?
  2. What is index in database?
  3. What is the difference between List and Set?
  4. Consider There is a treeSet of String type.
    1. Is treeSet accepts null and when it accepts?
    2. Consider the treeSet contains null and other string values,Then how can the treeSet compare the null with other strings?
  5. Consider There is a Set of type String and i have inserted the null into that and string has .equals method and tell me how the .equals method works for null element.
  6. What is transaction management ? and how can we achieve in plain JDBC?
  7. On which object we call autoCommit() and rollback() methods?
  8. Program on java script: There is aform with two text boxes and one text box contains “Hi,There ?” message and other is empty. Write a js function so that the first text box message appear in second text box while clicking on Submit button.
  9. Consider there a “emplaoyee” table with fields “empId”,”empName”,”sal”,”deptId” and consider there is another table “Department” with “dept_id”,”dept_name” as field. So write a query to get the total number of employees and total salary of employees in each deportment.
  10. Consider i have java method that accepts the List of type string as argument. Write a program if list contains any element that repeats 3 or more than 3 time then method should return “false” else “true”.
Round 2(Manager Round):
  1. What is JavaSript and use? (HTML & JavaScript Related Questions)
  2. Which is preferable either writing the js function in same jsp file or maintain a separate js file for all js functions and why?
  3. Consider a jsp and 3 js file are included in that file. i want to call a js function from jsp, but this function has there in all three js file which we have included. Now tell me which js file function will execute and why?
  4. What is DOM and use?
  5. What is the root element of DOM?
  6. What is Ajax and please write sample code?
  7. Implicite objects of JSP. (JSP Related Questions)
  8. What is PageContext scope?
  9. I want to put some of the variables in Page, write same?
  10. How do you handle exceptions in JSP?
  11. What are errrPage and isErrorPage tags ?
  12. If i make isErrorPage=false what happen?
  13. I want to write a method in Jsp, in which tag i can write and write some sample?
  14. Consider i have written some java function in JSP then how can i call this method in JSP.
  15. So every JSP will convert into Servlet class. I want write the code in JSP and the code should be placed into jspInit() method after converting to servlet class.So where i need write the code in JSP.
  16. What is TLD ,usage and type of the TLD file.(either xml or text or other)?
  17. Life cycle of Servlet and explain the methods?(Servlet Related Questions)
  18. Can i write my own method in servlet?
  19. What is the use of Destroy() method?
  20. Every Object have finalize() method then what is the use of destory() method?
  21. Can i write both doGet() and doPost() methods in one Servlet class?
  22. When i hit the request then in which method i will go either doGet() and doPost()?
  23. Difference between GET and POST?
  24. What is the use of Filters and write some sample code?
  25. What is Class.ForName() do?(JDBC Related Questions)
  26. Any other way to load the driver except Class.forName?
  27. Class.forName(“some class”) is it valid?
  28. Consider i get the data from table into resultSet and before looping the resultSet my connection got failed.Tell me Can i get the data from the resultSet or not?
  29. Consider i have resultSet and i dont know the fields of table.Tell me how can we get the data from the resultSet(ANS: by using resultSetMetadata).
  30. Explain System.gc() and runtime.gc()? which is preferred and why?(Core Java Related Questions)
  31. What is illegalArguementException? write sample program?
  32. Tell me some design patterns?
  33. What is singleTone ? write sample code with thread safe?
  34. 5 methods of object class and explain?
  35. Program:
  36. Class A {
  37. public void sample(){
  38. sysout(“parent”);
  39. }
  40. }
  41. Class B extends A{
  42. public void sample() throws ArthematicException{
  43. sysout(“child”);
  44. }}
  45. Is this program compiled ? if yes, why?
  46. How can i call a default constructor from the parameterised constructor from same class?
Finally Got Selected………