Phenom People java interview experience,Hyderabad

HR Mr Ranjith scheduled interview on week day. 1st round by Mr Shiva ———- 1. What is diamond problem in java.? 2. How can we overcome it in java.? 3. How you are achieving security in java.? 4. How ldap is secure.?
5. What is load balancing.?
6. How session replication happens in clustered environment.?
7. Which module you are working and explain it.?
8. When one user logged in with his credentials is it possible to login with same credentials from other system at same time.?
9. What is the critical issue you faced in your career.?
10. Explain the technical flow of your project.?
2nd round by Mr Suresh Babu
1. Write methods of object class.
After writting some methods of object class…
2. What is the use of hashCode
3. What is the use of equals
4. What if hashCode is same for all employee objects.
5. Write a use case of wait method where you used.?
6. What is synchronisation and write use of it.
7. What is thread executor.?
8. Write code for your own thread executor.?
9. What is connection pooling and write code for your own datasorce implementaion.?
10.Given an integer array as 0011201020102012. Write a logic to sort them.
11. I have written above logic by using two loops with o(n2) time complexity. So he asked is there any better way to decrease timecomplexity.
12. How you used roles and permitions in your application. ?And cross questions on security.
13. What you do if your application’s CPU utilization is high.?

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