Java developer interview experience in DBS, Hyderabad

Interview scheduled by consultency(Shell infotech) on 25th June 2016. Before this interview one telephonic round was there by dbs technical person.

Telephonic Interview:

1. What is volatile in java.?What is the use of it.?
2. What is tranient in java.?What is the use of it.?
3. What is native in java.?What is the use of it.?
After these questions some one
disturnbed him and asked to wait for few minutes but no call immediately.?
Written test:
1. Some questions on finding output for java programs. 2 marks questions
2. Write a sql query to find second highest salary person. 5 marks question
3. Design architecture for shopping cart application. Draw class diagrams and sequence diagrams.
Write implementation for complex component of your design. 15 marks 4. given a figure and asked to find no of triangles in theat figure. 5 marks I got 35 marks and called for technical round.
Technical round-1:
0. What you know about DBS. Ans: I don't know untill interview scheduled.
1. Tell me about you and your roles and responsibilities.
2. What is the need of spring.? Lot of cross questions and arguments in the middle.
3. What is the difference between @Repository and @Service and if i interchange them what happens.
4. How can you get object of spring bean without using @Autowire annotation in your method.
5. What is the annotation required to work annotations in spring mvc.
6. Shall we write method in scriptlet.? If not why.?
7. What is isolation in hibernate.?
8. I have a string and i want to know no of occurences of particular character.?How you write logic.?
9. I said one solution for above question but he asked optimum solution.?
10.Asked to same question from written test as how you find second highest salary from employee table.
11. How you are doing authenticating and authorization in your application.?
12. What is the difference between primary key and index.

Technical round-2:
It is easy if you compare with above one.
1. what are the tables and relations you give for shopping cart application.He asked by seeing by my written test paper.
3. What is the purpose of access modifiers in java.?
4. Do you know GWT.?
5. Are you learned any new technologies by your own.?
6. Do you have front end knowledge.?
7. Why you used ajax in your applicaiton.?
8. What are the oops concepts and explain.
9. Why you used map.?
Technical round-3:
1. Tell me about your roles and responsibilities,reason for chage.?
2. What is the architecture and flow of your application.
3. How you handle exceptions in your application.
4. How you track how many exceptions or errors comming in your application. Ans: log4j
5. What is the difference between soap and restfull web services.?
6. What you do when some exception comes in your application.?
Hr round:
He asked very little.
1. How big is your company.?I said Level-5 company.?
2. He asked me what is CMMI stands for. Ans: Don't know
3. Later he explained all levels and qualities.
4. He suggested me to know all these things instead of only java or .net
5. Taken all CTC,ECTC and college details and date of birth and pan card number.
6. He claimed that i have good sal package .