A Java developer interview experience in ADP, Hyderabad

Mr Sainath from H2H Solutions scheduled interview in Dec 2016 in ADP, kondapur ,Hyderabad for java developer position. My contact position was Mr Jobin.
Following is my interview experience with ADP.I feel it is useful to the people who are going for ADP interview or other product based companies like ADP. Same questions may not repeat but you can estimate their expectation and then prepare accordingly.
Round 1: F2F
Core Java:
  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Explain any one of the OOPs concepts, I choosen Inheritance.
  3. What is the difference between super and super(), Can we call super.m1()?, why?
  4. Explain the rules of Overriding?
  5. Class A {
public void m1(int a, String b){ } } Class B extends A{ public voin m1(String b, int a){ } }
Q1. Is this overriding, i said NO
Q2. Is this overloading?
Q3. Is overloading is static binding?
Q4. If this is not overloading, but we can access the M1 method of super with sub class object right, then we can say that it is overloading right? - I said Yes
Q5. Method calls will bind in compile time but the object creation will do in runtime, so is this overloading?
  1. Write a program for binary search and explain?
  2. Explain about exception handling in your project?
  3. What is custom Exception and where we will use in real time?
  4. What are the guidelines to write custom exception?
  1. What is config and context, where we will use exactly?
  2. What is the use of init() servlet, And why can not a constructor?
  1. What are directives and example code?
  2. Type of tag libraries and explain what tag library is?
  3. What is scriptlet, declarative, etc. in JSP with example?
  1. If i have 10 lacks records and i am reading all records in JDBC, Is this will give any exception or not and why?
  1. Explain any concept in Spring in detail with syntax?- i said IOC/DI.

Write in comments if you have any doubts regarding questions or answers.