center for good governance java interview experience

i attended java developer interview in CGG(Center for good governanace) Hyderabad,
I applied through a job portal,They scheduled interview on saturday.I will share my interview experience it will be helpfull for some one who attend interview in CGG.

1. Tell me about yourself.?
Ans: I am swapna,Working from past threee years in Sonata software,Hyderanad.Till now i worked with three projects.
I am familier with telecome domain and life sciences.Have working knowlege on struts,spring and sql.

2.What are your roles and responsibilites in your projects.?

Ans: Looking into issue tracker every day and address production issues if any.If no production issue working on release items.
Developing jsp pages and writing action classes and DAO classes and writing sql queries.
3. If you don’t mention method name while calling action class what will happen?
Ans: if you don’t mention method name it will try to execute exexute method if execute method is not there it will execute unspecified method.
4. Explain about struts flow
Ans: When first request comes to the server action serevlet takes the responsibility and delegate the request to appropriate action class by looking into the struts congig file.
If validate = true attribute is the then it will execute the validate method of from bean.And then it will execute the execute method.
5. What are object oriented concepts.?Explain each one.?
Ans: Abstraction,Encapsualtion, Polymorphism,inheritence
6. What is the difference between equals and == operator.?
Ans: equals compare content and == operator compares address.
7. How you convert the string to DATE in SQL?
Ans: by using to_date function. And writen a example.
8. Asked a question on decode.?
9. Do you have experience in writting SQL Procedure and functions.?
Ans: Yes.
10. When you go for procedure.?
Ans: When a critical bussiness logic which deals with tables moer then i will go for procedure.
11. How you call function and procedure.?
Ans: var sal=calculate_sal_fun(empid); — calling function in procedure.
exec procedurename(parameter);
12.CAn you write syntax for procudere.?
Ans: Create or replace Procedure_name(param1 NUMBER IN,param2 number OUT)
var1 number: =1;
exception when ohteres then
end Procedure_name;

I selected the interview but rejected the offer because of less pay.